07 May 2011

The First Law

Sir Isaac Newton, the books all say
Was born in England on Christmas Day
In sixteen-hundred-forty-three
Was wrapped with the presents beneath the tree

He went to school to learn to add
Like every other lass and lad
He studied his letters and numbers too
Proud of the things that he could do 

Reading, writing, arithmetic
The last of these he picked up quick
And later used to formulate
The laws of motion he would create

At the Cambridge College of Trinity
He sat beneath an apple tree
And saw the fruit come tumbling down
And then it struck him on the crown. 

Oh, Newton's Laws, they numbered three
And were lauded for their simplicity
The work of others was the key:
Kepler, Galileo, and Ptolemy.

On the shoulders of giants Newton stood
Doing what others had wished they could
Describing why things either go or don't
Why Hula Hoops roll but boxes won't

The first of his laws, it did say 
An object in motion remains that way
When skating on a frozen pond
You'll find that you go on and on.

With little friction to decrease your speed
The laws of momentum have decreed
That your velocity will keep its rate
As long as your skates stay pointing straight

The First law also says it's true
An object at rest stays that way too
Like Daddy lounging in his chair
When Click and Clack are on the air

He'll lean back with his legs propped up
And hands wrapped round his coffee cup
'Till Mommy says to clear the table
To Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me's Peter Sagal

Daddy stacks dishes in the sink
While in your high chair you start to think
If this is certain, what you’ve heard
What comes with the Second Law, or Third?


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  1. I just came across this. So full of win!!