11 September 2011

The Terrible Twos

As Emmaline's second birthday approached she continued to be a wonderful child. Yes, there were several screaming fits triggered by no discernible cause, but she also demonstrated extraordinary caring and love both in her actions and with her ever growing vocabulary. For the most part that love was directed at cats, or the dog, or her stuffed animals (who enjoyed frequent tea parties and gifts of band aids for their various boo boos), but she also, on occasion, would spontaneously utter the phrase, "Mama, I love you." How terrible could the twos be if they came wrapped in sentiment like that?

The thing was, we reasoned unreasonably, Em has developed some fairly impressive communication skills. Upon being presented with yogurt for breakfast accompanied by something as insulting and bourgeois as a plastic infant spoon, she made her objection and its cause abundantly clear. "No, Mama, proper spoon."

Fine. Stainless steel flatware for the little lady. And here's hoping she never realizes there's a drawer with actual silver.

So maybe the terrible twos wouldn't be so very terrible. She can indicate needs and wants, which the experts all say is where many of the frustrations of this age stem. She plays well with others.

She shares things like her wagon and toys and her rocking chairs without reservation.

Her block stacking skills continue to become more refined, which is sure to continue to be a party favorite through high school and maybe even into college.

And she has learned that it's important to travel in style, even just to the doctor's office to get your flu shot.

Could it be possible that we would reap the benefits of all these milestones without suffering the deafening screams of the tantrum that must be had for the tantrum's sake if for no other reason? That Emmaline would learn to choke back her tears for long enough to explain, "Band aid fell down the backpack," allowing us to rescue said soiled bandage from the pocket into which it had slipped off her finger and disappeared, thus averting disaster?

Yes. But only sometimes.

For though she continues to impress with her solo performances of Baa Baa Black Sheep and her recitations of Humpty Dumpty, she also CANNOT BE REASONED WITH when it comes time to bid the playground farewell.


We had been doing so well.

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