08 July 2011

Gone Fishing

If I'm completely honest about the reasons for my online absence, I have to admit to having recently rekindled a fairly unhealthy addiction to Veronica Mars. If I'm being somewhat less than honest, then I think I can claim that it's understandably impossible to sit inside and type when we could be outside instead.

Outside and, more specifically, at the beach.

Of course braving the icy waters of the New England coast requires a fair amount of preparation, mostly in choosing the swim apparel most likely to inspire in each and every passing female the need to stop and point.

But ultimately the water beckons and its call is irresistible.

Up until the point when you realize just how cold cold is. Then there's the prerequisite screaming and the people walking by stop for an entirely different reason.

Eventually, however, one gets acclimated and even - dare I say - brave.

And that makes for a very productive day.

Here's hoping for many more.

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