22 February 2011

Aquarium Adventure (originally posted 13 January 2011 on Tumblr)

On our recent trip to the New England Aquarium, Emmaline impressed fellow fish lovers with her ability to produce blood piercing shrieks (alternately of despair and delight), the volume of which were rivaled only by the pair of penguins fighting for footing on the highest rock. The tantrum at not being allowed to take the fish blocks out of the play area was her first made in public. It was brief. I turned my back and walked away so she (and the horrified onlookers) could not see my amusement. "My daughter has some impressive pipes," I wanted to say. "Shedemands to be heard." But after five seconds of mind numbing cacophony, in the absence of any real attention paid to her, she didn't deem it worth while to continue. In future, I'm sure her forays into Oppositional Defiant Disorder will cause more poignant reflection - prompting self doubt, self loathing, and the ultimate conclusion that I am a horrible, horrible mother. At present, though, she continues to be nearly consistently adorable, as this image once again proves.

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