14 March 2011

Abstract Expression

Congratulations Emmaline, for learning not to eat crayons...for the most part. The first sweeping strokes applied, she inspects the canvas, mind working furiously to see her way forward to the finished product.

She reaches forward again, with her right hand (as is becoming her habit). I say, "Red." She says, "Reh." I say, "Yellow." She says, "Wewow." I say, "Purple." She looks at me blankly and picks up the blue crayon.

It was not long before Daryl ruined her creation, writing her name in large block letters across the top of the sheet. She continued in her scribbling for a little while. She even humored Daryl by echoing E, M, M, A as he tried to teach her to spell. Eventually, though, she objected to the artistic infringement and insisted on turning over the piece of paper and starting again.

Things she only did rarely during this particular studio session:
  • Throw crayons to the dog
  • Purposely rip the corners off the paper
  • Put the crayons in her mouth
  • Scream
I choose to consider this a resounding success and real progress.

Let's hope she gets it out of her system. Daryl doesn't approve of such flighty pursuits. He remains intent on Em growing up to be a plumber and supporting him in his cranky old age.

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