28 March 2011

Physics 101

My daughter learned some important lessons about momentum today. First, it can be imparted, such as by a dog thrusting her head against your chest in an effort to obtain the strange and elusive String Cheese. In cases such as this, it is entirely possible to loose one's footing on the kitchen bench and fall, crack, onto the ceramic floor.

In light of this outcome, one might be tempted to believe I am not entirely baseless in my suggestion that Emmaline sit, instead of stand on the bench. She hears me. I know this because every time she stands up she sweetly meets my eyes and says, "Sit." Then she smiles. But even with the minor head injury, I'm pretty sure she will continue to choose not to obey.

She also learned about inclined planes and took to repeatedly rolling a large blue ball up and down her slide. The ball has become one of the few toys that is never taken away from her, being impervious to Scout's jaws, and so she has adapted it for many games, including but not limited to tripping adults, knocking glasses off of tables, and throwing it tauntingly at the dog's face.

Where she was going when she left the room with such a resolute hustle, I have no idea. By the time I caught up with her, she was doing something else entirely, namely moving the dog's dinner from the food bowl to the water bowl. The ball was already long forgotten and the front of her onesie already sodden.

So Em made some progress in her ongoing quest to master the physical sciences. She is her father's daughter after all. Hopefully this will balance her less than stellar moments of being just a baby - for better or for worse.

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