25 April 2011


It was almost too hot to be outside yesterday morning. Scout ran about the yard as if possessed and then collapsed in a heap in the shade. Even with rapid cooling of the afternoon and the occasional sprinkle, the weather held through the grilling of the lamb and subsequent overeating and the guests (I hope) went home happy.

During the pagan festivities of spring, Emmaline displayed her skills as egg hunting. She was especially adept at finding those that were in plain site and being pointed directly to. Brilliant girl. Then, once Scout and her own guest Shula commenced their game of tag, Em chased after them both. The dogs nipped at each other's tails while Emmaline toddled with outstretched arms, barely avoiding being knocked down, yelling, "Hug!" Sadly, neither Scout nor Shula could slow down long enough to entertain such affection.

Emmaline also did her best to make peace with her long-time nemesis, Charlotte, who (though a lovely girl) has been slow to realize that when it comes to winning the affection of their mutual friend Jack, Emmaline will play dirty if she has to. Still, Em only put sand in Charlotte's hair on a few occasions during the course of the afternoon and was otherwise willing to keep a shaky truce.

Here's hoping the weather holds. Emmaline has a busy social calendar and a sand box and swing with Jack's name on them.

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