14 April 2011

Harriet Lane, Again

Tired of flipping through charts with Em on glomerular filtration rates and daily sodium requirements, I hid the Harriet Lane Handbook, a reference manual for pediatric residents, on the top shelf of the bookcase. Em, as you may remember, is quite taken with the tome and especially enjoys the section on children's rashes, which she turns to immediately upon opening and says, "Oh no!" She is so taken with it, in fact, that she was able to spot the book today despite my best efforts to keep it well out of sight.

"Mama," she said. Then, "Baby...boo boo...read," all while pointing clearly to it's hot pink cover peaking out from behind a stuffed rabbit.

I must say, as strange as it may be, the girl knows what she wants. Who am I to deny her this one small happiness in life?

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