16 April 2011

Peter Rabbit

Two weekends from now, our very dear friend Natalie will take time from saving the world with the International Committee for the Red Cross in Congo to tie the knot here in the States. Since it is Natalie who brought Daryl and I together one fateful afternoon at the Crooked (Tea) House in Windsor, there was no question that we would attend. So it is a given that Emmaline will need something fabulous to wear.

Generally speaking, Daryl and I feel that if we take Em out in public and people do not make audible cooing noises as she walks by then we are doing something wrong. Therefore, even her shopping outfit needed to be fabulous if it was going to inspire people to stop and stare.

Fully kitted out, we proceeded on our way. Women and teenage girls especially were helpless to resist her charms and as Em strolled purposely through Macy's they giggled, pointed, and repeatedly assured me that she was the most beautiful child they had ever seen. But of course, I replied.

Then, to avert an impending tantrum, we rode the escalator up and down more than a dozen times, which was understandably very exhausting. Even though the stairs do all the work of going up and down there is still twirling and posing for the people moving in the opposing direction, all of which is incredibly demanding.

Luckily, we were able to find some lovely wedding togs on our great expedition. Then, as we were finishing, we came upon a magical creature. He was as tall as a person, but looked very much like a bunny rabbit, and there were children of all ages waiting in line to sit on his lap and then melting down and refusing to look at the camera when it was their turn. The sound of crying filled the air around us and Emmaline, overcome with the excitement, said very clearly, "Bunny...lap...sit!"

There was no way to say no. There were no smiles, of course, since sitting on an enormous rabbit's lap is serious stuff indeed. But at least there were no tears...at least until our turn ended it came time to say goodbye.

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