07 April 2011


As work on the yard continues outside the window, chains banging in each unsuccessful attempt to pull the old and stubborn yew stumps out of the front beds, I'm taking a moment to hide and catch up on emails. The following alert was waiting in my inbox, issuing a warning about the use of benzocaine topical gel (or Orajel) for teething given the small but dangerous possibility of the infant developing methemoglobinemia.

What's methemoglobinemia, you say? I'm glad you asked.

Methemoglobinemia is a disorder in which oxygen is not effectively delivered to the body's tissues. Read more about this here. The salient point is that it turns you blue - Titanic, frozen in the ocean blue. And makes your muscles feel like they are on fire.

Or, simply watch the music video inspired by one of my favorite patients, who totally is never going to get Orajel again.

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